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About Us

Waterworld Office

Mission Statement:

Provide the world with a credible and affordable source of clean water.


Develop, improve, and enhance efficiency of water treatment techniques, while educating the public on water quality issues.


Become the world’s most resourceful water quality improvement organization by attaining the largest water information encyclopedia.

The WATERWORLD LIBRARY & RESOURCE CENTER shall be forever expanding to reach every corner of our blue planet.


Driven by our motivation to help others improve the quality of their life, the founders of Waterworld USA began the R&D process in 1994. Research and testing of various water treatment technologies started with humble beginnings in the garage of a small house in Sugarland, TX. The first domestic drinking water system was built in 1996 to help people in developing countries afford a safer drink of water.

“It was hard at first… This is top notch technology and we are trying to make it affordable to people that make less than $500 a week in income!” – said Malek Shaban of Waterworld USA, Inc. “The challenge is that those developing countries, with low income, have the worst water quality. So the systems we designed had to work on contaminated water supplies and it had to be done at a very low price.” Inspired by his father, Mr. Marwan, a long time pioneer in international commerce and environmental issues, "he gave me the light and strength to find the right components to achieve this goal. With determination and resolve, we made it happen and started exporting our systems in large volume.”

Now Waterworld USA, Inc. is a leader in this field and have sold over 1 million systems worldwide through a network of dealers. Waterworld USA takes pride in customer service by offering a complete line of water treatment goods and back it up with technical support. Our dealer network consists of water treatment professionals that share our same goal.” It is those dealers that make it happen for us, they are the ones in the front line, they are our partners", added Kevin Sandel, GM.

Waterfall Water Filtration Seminar Waterworld USA Truck Member Water Quality Association

Our Team Always here to help you!

Matthew Carter - Operations Manager
Matthew Carter

Operations Manager

Donald P. Linden Jr.

Quality Manager

Geronimo Morales - Will Call Sales
Geronimo Morales

Will Call Sales

John Andrade - Accounting
John Andrade


Aliuska Gonzalez - Accounting Assist. / Data Entry
Aliuska Gonzalez

Accounting Assist. / Data Entry

Jennifer Tomaselli

Purchasing Manager

Clint Baker

Sales Manager

Johnny Miguel - Production Manager
Johnny Miguel

Production Manager